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Guts & Glory

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Guts & Glory

Guts & Glory

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Find out how ordinary people compete in extraordinary conditions - download Guts and Glory.


Graphics are rather simple but colored brightly. Game’s fundamentals are not perfect. The camera moves quite unsteadily. Characters and landscape are not realistic looking like taken from some free catalog of pictures. Sometimes you can face game crash. In other words, we cannot admire the design of Guts and Glory. It could be better, but still, due to juicy colors, you can like it especially considering that chilling experience you will certainly have with this gameplay. At the moment it was released there was a trend on ragdoll characters in the game industry. It was fresh and rather interesting that is why you will find them here.


Here you can select from one of 8 vehicles. You can drive, ride or fly. Though, there is some fogginess in what you are expected to do. The developer suggests a number of tasks which you must not but can perform when moving around. You can run down a pedestrian or keep him alive, for instance. That is your decision.

So, a player navigates tracks along various places. This drive suggests an astonishingly sick and twisted good time. Even if you are very busy, you can find it difficult to postpone playing. Here you should add some comic violence which is rather good in Guts and Glory, but to the end of the game, it can be cruel.

So, after navigating around, the main characters meet a turret firing arrows and hitting the character’s trucks and bodies. Then they strike against a giant saw blade. There will be a lot of strange creatures, mechanisms, and structures. Legs and arms are amputated. Blood is pouring out. Bodies are split into pieces. So, as you understand, it is not a pretty sight. But it is designed in comic style.


Developer provides users with a skeletal tutorial where you will find the basics of movement which allow driving vehicles and do other movements. There are buttons for a slight boost or slow down time. A lot of challenges can be done with a keyboard. You will understand what to do during the game. The tutorial explains.

Replay Value 

Replay value is rather high. Guts and Glory doesn’t suggest some score. It is accompanied by a leaderboard system. Thus, completing the level, you will definitely want to improve your result and replay it. Though, it is not for everybody, considering plenty of violence, the content is interesting and the game is represented in a rather funny way. Start it again to overcome obstacles and compete challenges!


To summarize, you have to reach the finish line being ready that everything will try to kill you on your way. In Guts and Glory review we have laid a general idea of the game. So, you should play to understand more about it.



Are you sure to take part in a brilliantly sadistic game? Download Guts and Glory and get an unexpected experience!

Pros : Diverse plot;
Grim humor;

Cons : A lot of violence;
Graphics need polishing.

Graphics 2

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 3.8

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