Bad North

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  • Release date: 8/19/2018
  • Developer: Plausible Concept
  • Publisher: Raw Fury
  • Genre: ActionStrategyAdventure
  • Content rating: ESRB Teen
  • Features: 1 player

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Bad North

Bad North

Plausible Concept
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Bad North Review: Battles for Survival

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Professional Review

Alexander Fischer
4 reviews on 1UPMore

Do not you like complicated real-time games because they are demanding and stressful? There is a way out! Download Bad North and defend small islands against Vikings ravaging the territory. This is a brutal game but not too cruel.


Graphics are nice. Islands are charming looking hand-painted. They can be generated with unique layouts. The soldiers are adorable. There is an inn where the characters can get bed and breakfast. This peaceful, quiet view contrasts the existing violence being a little bit bizarre. Such a brilliant idea! The units are accompanied with useful artwork of their power level and functions, so a player can consider danger from the distance watching them get closer. Designers have everything figured out.


The plot is simple. Island, where the key character lives, is under attack. King is killed by Viking invaders. The player acts as the king’s son and starts defending his home.

You get four specialized units under your commanding at a time. In order to repel attacks, you have archers. To arrange protective works, there are pikemen. You can engage infantry if you need mobile melee force. You will understand where you would better place units to prevent the marauders from landing on your territory and so on. When you lose everything, the game is over.

There are plenty of features, but they are simple. It would be rather easy to cope with all tasks having only four units. And you will not feel confused with those features and choices and crowds of characters. Of course, when plenty of boats are landing at one time, you can experience some difficulty and make a fuss. But in general, the game is a pleasure and not a tension. There is an option allowing you to slow time, thus, you have a chance to think about your next decision. You can pull out a unit back, if you suppose, that it can reinforce another point. This is possible because a quasi-turn-based element applied in the game.


The units are very simple to understand and control. You can position and relocate troops, plan your evacuations. The rest actions are made by soldiers themselves thanks to intelligent unit controls. Still, you are offered to apply various keys to execute various actions which are described in the tutorial.

Replay Value 

We cannot say that the structure of this game allows for a lot of variety as to choices when battling. There are particular items able to spice things up. Unfortunately, they are not numerous. In general, the events are repeating, and your reactions do not vary, and that can continue for several hours. We would consider this game is relaxing but not challenging, so do not wait for some unusual tricks here, just enjoy a chance to rest from a million of actions per a minute usually suggested in other games.


You should take a king’s place and rule your country to defend it from the invaders. There is no room for error! Only fight for victory or even just survival. That is our Bad North review about.



Forget about overwhelming strategy games and find simpler alternative. Download Bad North and enjoy!

Pros : Simple tasks;
Nice graphics.

Cons : Poor replayability;
There are no rebinding controls.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 3

Average : 4.0


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